Palliatives & Medical Services

What Makes Us Different?

There is no gainsaying that the Covid-19 pandemic has created extreme hardship on every segment of society. In a situation as disruptive as the effect of covid-19 on job and business losses, even to the most affluent in the society, the effect on the downtrodden and disadvantaged segment of society can better be imagined than experienced.

One of the critical segment of society that is easily thrown under the bus by government and sundry is the widows’. Widowhood is a state that often comes with increasing challenges instigated by cultural practices as well as societal idiosyncrasies that denies widows their right to properties of their deceased husbands in most cases, harassment, job losses and many other issues leaving the widows to fend for themselves and their children.

In response to the effects of Covid-19 in the national economy and to bring succor and solace to the widows in the Federal Capital Territory, the Good Governance Awareness Initiative (GGAI), has launched the Palliatives & Medical Services Mission (PMSM) support widows and the less privileged in Jikwoyi community, a satellite town within the precincts of Abuja.

“As a non-governmental organization committed to giving voice to the sufferings of the populace through advocacy and education, it has become expedient for us to reach out to the populace in these difficult times brought upon the people by the pandemic. We cannot be asking them to live up to the values of good governance by holding government accountable in an empty stomach, she stated”.

During the launch of the program at the Esu of Jikwoyi Palace, His Royal Highness, Rev. Dr. Bawa S Jetta, the Traditional Ruler expressed his appreciation for selecting his domain as the location for the program launch and took out time to inspect the content of the palliatives and medical supplies.

The Palliatives and Medical Services distribution consisted of provision of condiments, blood test, sugar level check, provision of malaria drugs among others and were distributed to over 45 widows and others.