We Envision A Society Where The Government Is Transparent And Accountable To Her Citizens.

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Our organization, the Good Governance Awareness Initiative® (GGAI) is a non-governmental organization (NGO) incorporated to contribute to improving the democratic and governance process in Nigeria through policy advocacy, sensitization, empowerment and training. 

Accountability is one of the bedrocks of representative government. Its absence may indeed lead to long-term instability.

We tend to give voice to the sufferings of the populace through advocacy and education. 


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The rationale for our programs is based on the need to improve the quality of life of the citizenry, through policy advocacy and community participation to enhance the operations of government and minimize the risk of trust deficiency between the leaders and the led; support the development and strengthening of institutions; and establish linkages between the citizens and government intervention policies to improve trust, raise policy acceptability and minimize risks of failure.

Medical Services​

Good Governance Awareness Initiative (GGAI), has launched the Palliatives & Medical Services Mission (PMSM) support widows and the less privileged in Jikwoyi community.

My Constituency ​

GGAI in collaboration with ICPC National Anti-corruption Coalition and NYSC engaged on a campaign to sensitize young Nigerians on the need to support the efforts of the relevant anti-corruption agencies. 

Good Governance​

For one year now, we have consistently host market women, students and adults of different walks of life in public discuss that is designed to curb electoral violence and discourage vote selling.

Eye Wey See ​

Eye wey see campaign serves as a veritable tool to curb various malpractices and misuse of administrative power therefore making leaders more accountable to the people.

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All donations go directly to making a difference for our case.


Recent News & Update

On behalf of the Management Board and Staff of GGAI, We thank the organizers of this auspicious event @unwantedwitnessug to be part of this great event.

With the end of the global pandemic, many lifestyle changes were amplified especially in Nigeria, like an increase in logistic business, eLearning as well as organizational online meetings. Prior to this, just a few people know how to utilize these mediums for ease and effectiveness.

Community participation helps youths become empathetic citizens who could potentially continue similar work when they become adults. Additionally, youths who give back to their communities develop leadership.

Good Governance Awareness Initiative

School Renovation

This included furnishings, materials, supplies, equipment and information technology, as well as various aspects of the building grounds, namely, athletic fields, playgrounds, areas for outdoor learning etc.

Food Distribution

Provision of food products directly to individuals with non or low incomes, raw, cooked, or processed edible substance, beverage, or ingredients for human consumption.


This service system ensures the rights, dignity, and ability of individuals and their families to exercise choices, take risks, provide input, and accept responsibility.

School Supplies

All the basics; notebooks, pens, pencils, white boards, poster board, paper, scientific, calculators, highlighters, binders, white-out, folders, erasers, scissors, tape, classroom decorations, and so much more.

Medical Service

Health care related items that are disposable or cannot withstand repeated use by more than on individual and are required to address an individual's medical disability, illness, or injury.

Financial Aid

In form of cash, under the temporary assistance for the needy individuals or families, foster care or children in out-of-home placement, and many more.